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Suprnova's PPLNS Raptoreum Pool // Algo: GhostRiderTake2

EU:cpuminer.exe -a gr -o stratum+tcp://rtm.suprnova.cc:6273 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x

EU-SSL:cpuminer.exe -a gr -o stratum+tcps://rtm.suprnova.cc:4273 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x

US-Stratum: stratum+tcp://stratum.us-la1.suprnova.cc:6273 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x

US-Stratum #2: stratum+tcp://stratum.us-ny1.suprnova.cc:6273 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x

ASIA-Stratum: stratum+tcp://stratum.apac-hkg1.suprnova.cc:6273 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x

You can mine with accounts or simply your wallet address- You have much more options when using an account.
The account is not verified and also fully anonymous, you simply provide (any) email address and you're all set up. See Getting Started

Anonymous Payouts happen as soon as your balance reaches 10 RTM - 24x7 - This pool charges only 0.5 % fee

This pool is fully updated and ready for the recent RTM updates
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